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World Refugee Day

Join us on Sunday, June 18 for a celebration of World Refugee Day. Enjoy entertainment and learn about organizations working to support refugee …

A Prayer for the Manchester Children

O God whose eyes are always upon us, did he look them in the eyes before he blew himself and them to bits? Did he see that they were only children, holding daddy’s hand, giggling with their friends, hands with souvenirs, music in their ears before the bomb went off, before the shrapnel flew, before the blood was spilled? How could he have thought that it would do any good? But most of all, did he look them in the eyes before he did his worst? Did he call upon your name, and did he think that such a thing could somehow be your will, a thing that was pleasing in your sight? If only he had looked them in the eyes.
If it is true that we must look you in the eyes on that final judgment day and give account of all the deeds that we have done, then please Lord, may it be that he will look the children in the eyes on that day and tell them and all of us…why. Amen.

~Dr. Walton

FUNdraising Spin Class to Support First Church Annual Fund

Put Some Muscle In Your Stewardship!
The 20s/30s Group is hosting a FUNdraising spin class open to ALL MEMBERS on Sunday, June 11th at 2pm. We’ve rented out the FlyWheel Studio at Astor Place for a 45-minute inspirational spin class that’s appropriate for all levels—from cycling/spinning enthusiast, to the casual rider. There are 70 bikes to fill, and we’ve set a goal of raising $12,000 in support of The First Church Annual Fund. Friends, family, and neighbors are all welcome to join!