Stewardship Pledge


First Church is at work within the church community and beyond its walls – both locally and globally – all year-round. It is part of our responsibility as church members and as stewards of God’s grace to provide financial support to make such ministries possible. We give as a measure of our gratitude and as a sign of our discipleship, so we encourage prayerful generosity and thoughtful planning of gifts. Please consider giving generously.

Annual Giving | Make a Stewardship Pledge

Stewardship pledges are the single most important source of support for the First Presbyterian Church budget, and gifts of every size are of value and importance. An annual stewardship campaign presents opportunities for pledges early in each calendar year but can also made at other times of the year.

Pledges may be made by completing a pledge card and returning it to the church, via PayPal, via, or by filling out the online pledge form (below).

For questions, please contact the business office at

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