Other Offerings

Consider other Offerings and Special Appeals

From time to time, First Presbyterian Church conducts appeals for special offerings for its own mission, and that of the PC(USA). While Annual Giving and Pledging should be the foundation of one’s giving, we encourage you to consider these additional appeals for the needs of the church and world as you are able and inspired to give.

Remember other Ways to Give

While financial stewardship is central to our Christian discipleship and our Church’s operations, remember that they are but one way to give. Many people give of their time, their expertise, their leadership, and their hearts in ways that defy measurement and make a world of difference. If you would like to talk about other ways for how to offer yourself, your life, or your work to God’s service, please speak to one of the pastors. The discipleship journey is one we are all share, and we’re happy to walk with you.


First Church is at work within the church community and beyond its walls – both locally and globally – all year-round. It is part of our responsibility as church members and as stewards of God’s grace to provide financial support to make such ministries possible. We give as a measure of our gratitude and as a sign of our discipleship, so we encourage prayerful generosity and thoughtful planning of gifts. Please consider giving generously.