A Cuban State of Mind

by First Church

The Art at First Program is proud to announce A Cuban State of Mind, a two-month series celebrating the rich tradition of Cuban art and culture. This special series will open with the art exhibition, “Origin and Circumstances” on March 2, on view until April 30. The gallery will showcase paintings, drawings, photographs, and mixed media works by five US-based Cuban artists reflecting on Cuban history and contemporary culture. Included in the exhibition are paintings and watercolors by Ariel Cabrera Montejo, drawings by Jairo Alfonso, photographs by Giorgio Viera, paintings by Geandy Pavón, and sculptures by Armando Guiller.

The exhibition will explore what it is like to be a Cuban emigrant and an artist, and what a change of country and environment implies for those whose works are inspired by their origins and circumstances. Art critic and curator Meyken Baretto states, “In many different ways these artists carry the weight of their past, their memories and their culture.” The artist’s mediums and conceptual concerns are unique but they share in common the confrontation with a new culture and country.

This special series is free and open to the public.

If you wish to purchase a piece of art from the gallery, please contact Nicole Stansifer at nstansifer@fpcnyc.org