Homeless Shelter

As a part of the Emergency Shelter Network, the First Presbyterian Church is one of many faith communities who have committed (for almost three decades) to filling the gap for the thousands of homeless men and women who have nowhere to lay their heads at night. Each year the doors of our church open to provide a safe and warm evening’s rest to ten homeless men from a midtown drop-in center from Sunday through Friday.What began as an “emergency” has become a chronic problem, and we retain our commitment to the vulnerable population we have served so faithfully over the years. The guests we serve are carefully screened by the drop-in center and receive professional case management for housing, employment, health, benefits and other needs.

We need lots of volunteer help–unpacking groceries, making beds, serving coffee, staying overnight, and numerous other tasks. Please contact our Shelter Coordinator, Lauren May, at 212-675-6150 at to learn more about how our shelter functions, six nights a week, six months a year.  The volunteers who have stayed overnight, more than anyone, can attest to the transformative power of such work, and I encourage you to try it–just once!–to see for yourselves.

Where are you sleeping tonight?

The Homeless Shelter is a joint operation run by Urban Pathways, the OlivieriCenter, and three churches: St. Luke in the Fields, First Presbyterian Church, and Church of the Ascension. The OlivieriCenter is a drop-in center near Penn Station that provides food, health care, counseling, and job training to homeless people. Urban Pathways is a non-profit organization that, among its many other services, works as a liaison between drop-in centers and churches and synagogues willing to provide nightly shelter. The shelter is located in the Mellin-McNab Church House on 12th Street, just west of the corner of Fifth Avenue and 12th Street.


  • Overnight volunteers stay from 8:30 PM to 7:00 AM; assist with setting up cots; prepare a light evening snack and breakfast; and clean up.
    Overnight Volunteer Duties
  • Coordinators work with overnight volunteers on a weekly basis.
    Coordinator Duties
  • Food volunteers label and store food each week.


Volunteer Information and Scheduling



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Organizational Information

Urban Pathways/ Antonio Olivieri Drop-In Center

257 West 30th Street

New York, NY10001



Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the shelter guests?

Sunday night through Friday, homeless men from the OlivieriCenter come to our shelter for the night. The men are over eighteen and have been carefully screened for health or behavioral problems before they arrive at the shelter. They have a social worker assigned to them and are participating in a service plan eventually leading to housing placement. Most guests are familiar with the shelter routine.

Is providing beds enough?

No, providing beds is not enough by itself. But the shelter is only one part of the programs run by the OlivieriCenter and Urban Pathways, which include job training, medical treatment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and eventual placement in permanent or transitional housing.

Does the shelter operate all year round?

The shelter runs six nights a week from November 1 to April 27.

What would I have to do to volunteer at the shelter?

Overnight volunteers arrive at the shelter, set up cots, prepare a light snack for the guests, stay overnight, prepare a light breakfast in the morning, and straighten up after the guests have left. Evening coordinators call the overnight volunteers and assist with the evening setup.Food volunteers receive delivery of the week’s food, label and store it in the kitchen.

How long would I have to stay?

Overnight volunteers arrive at 8:30pm and stay until the guests have left for the morning, usually between 6:30-7:00am. Evening coordinators arrive at 8:15pm and stay until everything is set up, usually until 10:00pm.

Would I stay overnight by myself?

Two volunteers (at least one of who should be a man) work together each night. One of the evening coordinators meets the volunteers when they arrive at the shelter and makes sure everything is in order for the night. The coordinator does not stay overnight.

Is it safe?

The guests are carefully screened for any health or behavioral problems before they are sent to the shelter. In more than twenty years, volunteers have never had any serious problems with guests. The men at the shelter are usually tired when they arrive and looking forward to a night’s rest.

How often would I have to volunteer?

We encourage volunteers to try to make it more than once during the year (once you discover how easy volunteering is, you’ll be glad to sign up!) but there is no requirement.

What should I bring?

Clothes you feel comfortable sleeping in, earplugs if snoring bothers you, a favorite pillow if that will help you sleep, and a willingness to chat with the guests and get to know them a little.

Do I have to be a church member to volunteer?

No, you don’t need to be a member of St. Luke in the Fields, the First Presbyterian Church, or the Church of the Ascension to volunteer. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up or find out more about the shelter.

Do I have to be an overnight volunteer to help with the shelter?

Evening coordinators and food volunteers are also needed.