First for the Future

As First Church carries out our mission today and looks toward our future, it has become evident that significant improvements to our facilities are needed to continue our tradition of faith and service to others.

The Mellin-Macnab Church House, located on 12th street has provided our congregation and members of out community with a home for over 50 years.   Constructed in 1958, the building has enjoyed daily use by of the wider community as well as church members and has adhered to the original vision of being a functional rather than ornamental structure.  Today, the building enables the church to fulfill its mission by offering a variety of services to people in the greater Greenwich Village community and beyond.

However, the Mellin-Macnab Church House is currently being stretched far beyond its capacity.  The building shows significant signs of extensive use throughout the years.   In response to our current and foreseeable needs, and after careful and diligent study and prayerful consideration, the Church launched the most significant capital campaign in our history.  The $15,000,000 First for the Future: Building on a Faithful Heritage Campaign will enable our congregation to complete comprehensive renovations to the Mellin-Macnab Church House.

To date, members of the First Presbyterian Church congregation have responded to our needs with exceptional generosity. Over $11,000,000 has been pledged to support the project, which is more than three times the amount raised by any other fund raising initiative in the history of the church. Fund raising began in mid-2008 and will continue through the end of 2009 to meet our goal.

For more information about the campaign, or to make your pledge today, please contact the Church at (212) 675-6150 or email the Campaign Office at

Our Needs

Our Church Building Today:

  • Our lobby is dark and unwelcoming and does not reflect the vibrancy of our congregation.
  • The building floor plan is outdated, crowded and confined.
  • The buildings infrastructure and systems including electrical, plumbing, communications, and fire safety are out of date and requires routine and costly maintenance.
  • Lighting throughout the building is dim and inefficient.
  • Windows that are not energy efficient, costing the Church significant heat loss and heating costs in the winter months.
  • Entryways are not easily accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • The building lacks modern energy efficient heating and ventilation systems.
  • There is no centralized air conditioning system for use during the summer months. Current use of window units is inefficient and puts a significant strain on the entire building’s electrical system.
  • The ministry and administrative offices are scattered throughout the building, creating a working environment that is not cohesive.
  • The Challenge for our congregation today and tomorrow is to continue to meet the needs of our growing community by addressing our immediate and future needs through the comprehensive renovation of the Mellin- Macnab Church House.

Our Vision

  • A gracious and accommodating entrance incorporating a new sweeping walkway into the building from the 12th Street entrance.
  • Creation of a light well on the East side of the existing assembly hall to provide natural light to new office space. Relocated ministry and administrative offices to the current assembly hall on the lower level, with the addition of an open and landscaped exterior wall of light, providing sunlight and visual inspiration to the lower level – Creation of a truly cohesive working environment that does not exist today.
  • Incorporation of “Green” solutions and new technologies into our facilities as well as demonstrating energy savings by providing improvements in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, recycling, and waste disposal.
  • An enhanced and secure lobby on the first floor with a gracious, landscaped, and well lighted entrance, preservation of the trees in the North Garden, improved stroller storage and attractive sitting and gathering areas in the lobby.
  • Enhanced restroom facilities and handicap accessibility on the Mellin Macnab second floor, as well as new handicap-accessible restrooms for congregational use in the first floor lobby.
  • Addition of a dedicated crib space and toddler rooms for safe and attractive care of children during worship in the Mellin Macnab Building.
  • Provision of flexible, attractive and well lit space to accommodate the children attending the Church School.
  • Improvements to the Church School classrooms and enhancements to the Nursery School and P.S. 226 class rooms.
  • Addition of an Atelier or “studio” for use by the Nursery School, Church School, P.S. 226, and the First Presbyterian Church Community.
  • Dedicated junior and senior high school student classrooms and lounges in the South and East balconies of the Great Hall.
  • An enhanced roof lounge with improved lighting on the sixth floor.
  • Provisions for a new archives room with storage, security, humidity control, and secure display capacity for congregational enjoyment of important First Presbyterian Church archives.
  • Creation of meeting rooms that can be used by groups of varying sizes for prayer, mutual support, education, the Nursery School, P.S. 226, development of fellowship, Church events, member and community use.
  • Addition of a folding wall in the Esther Morrow Room to allow for simultaneous class and lecture use when needed.
  • Choir robe and changing room areas and musical equipment storage facilities that do not exist today.