Make a Pledge

Why Pledge?

Living as Christ’s disciples, we remember to offer our treasures and our selves in service of God’s work on earth. Pledging is one way that we can return a portion of all that we have been given to the One who gives us all.

At First Presbyterian, we ask all of our members to make a statement of faith by making an annual pledge. These annual pledges are how we build our church budget, how we allocate resources, and how we plan for programs, worship, and outreach for the coming year. Pledging is a faithful act of discipleship, and we hope you will join us by making a commitment.

How Much to Pledge?

No one can tell you the dollar amount you should give. Everyone’s financial situation is different. Some may be able to make a commitment of five figures and others only in the low three figures. Generosity is a matter of proportion not of size. It should represent a share of what you have received. Here are three considerations as you decide on the amount you should pledge:

1) Your pledge should represent a generous proportion of your annual household income. The Biblical tithe is 10%, but many pledge about 5% of household income, with about 2-3% going to the church and the remainder to other commitments.

2) A pledge usually is a weekly, monthly, or quarterly amount that is sustainable throughout the year and given in regular increments. If you give only once a year, it is more likely that you will not give a serious proportion of household income.

3) You should not pledge more than you can afford. God does not ask you to sacrifice more than you have. If you simply give out of the abundance you have received, that will be the right amount.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your own journey with pledging, or should you like additional information, please contact Rev. William Critzman, Minister of Discipleship at (212) 675-6150.

How to Pledge?

There are several ways, and the choice is yours:

1) Complete one of the pledge cards you will find in the pews of the sanctuary, place it in the offering plate during worship;

2) Send an e-mail to with your name, telephone number, address and the amount you wish to pledge;

3) Send a written pledge by mail to the attention of Rev. Critzman at the church address.

All pledges to First Presbyterian are confidential.