The role of the Deacons is one of “sympathy, service and witness” to the love of God as shown in the life of Jesus Christ.

In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), the office of Deacon is designed “to minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.” (Book of Order, G-6.0402). The origin of “deacon” is the Greek diakonos, “servant.”

At First Church we have an elected Board of Deacons who minister with compassion to anyone in need, whether they are members of the church, visitors, neighbors or other members of the community. Deacons meet on a monthly basis to determine how best to meet those needs. They receive care and prayer requests from those who themselves, or whose loved ones, are ill, or have other special needs, and can refer people for pastoral care.

Deacons also offer practical, loving help. They telephone or visit people in need, particularly those who are homebound. It might be simply to check on how someone is doing and see if there is any help that they may need. They can provide news of activities at First Church, deliver reprinted copies of recent sermons, or simply provide a listening ear and a friendly smile. Or it may be to answer a specific need, such as to write a letter, place a phone call, run shopping or other errands, feed or walk a pet, rearrange furniture, or assist with a change of accommodation. Deacons also receive requests for emergency short-term financial support that are considered on a case-by-case basis.

They can also arrange transportation to and from First Church. During and after church services, deacons are identifiable by the nametags with red ribbons that they wear. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about First Church and, if necessary, direct you to other officers and staff who can also assist. They greet people following services and answer any questions. Deacons also provide hospitality at fellowship gatherings of the congregation after services, being alert to welcome those who may be new to the church and in need of a friend who can introduce them to other members of the congregation.

Our deacons are involved in a wide range of activities at First Church including ushering, church school and adult education programs, preparing and serving communion, assisting at baptisms, and acting as members of various committees of the church. They also arrange outreach activities within the community, such as volunteering at various care organizations and visiting their residents.

Two Deacons for the Month are appointed by the Board of Deacons to act as specific points of contact for those in need. Any deacon, however, can assist.

Requests for Deacons should be directed to the Deacons of the Month or if urgent, to the Pastoral staff.

Co-Moderators: David Stuart Estes and Barbara Sherman
Co-Secretaries: Robert Reiter

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James R. Gillespie David Stuart Estes  Jamée Ard
Esther Gowrie Louanne Gilleland  Daniel Duque
Kelly Stocks Milam Irenka Jakubiak  Urvashi Singh (Hutt)
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