Book: A Preaching Ministry

A Preaching Ministry

Twenty-One Sermons Preached by Harry Emerson Fosdick At the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, 1918 to 1925

Edited and with an introduction by David Pultz; Forword & Afterword by J. Barrie Shepherd.


“Fosdick at First Church” by Rev. John B. Macnab;
“A Preacher Preaching” by Halford R. Ryan;


  • “The Effect of this War Upon Our Faith in God”
  • “The Unshaken Christ”
  • “On the Indispensable Christ”
  • “On Faith”
  • “On Love”
  • “On Grace”
  • “Progressive Christianity”
  • “Shall We End War?”
  • “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?”
  • “Jesus the Revelation of God”
  • “The Old Religion in the New World”
  • “The Divinity of Jesus”
  • “I Believe in Man”
  • “The Deepening of Faith”
  • “The Open Doors”
  • “All Things Come Alike to All”
  • “Belief in Immortality”
  • “The Victory of Faith”
  • “Reproducible Experiences”
  • “The Unclaimed Heritage”
  • “Farewell”

Trade paperback; 400 pp
ISBN: 0-9606818-1-7 pub. Feb. 2000