Our Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows in the Sanctuary

Installed at First Church between 1893 and 1916, the memorial stained glass windows were the result of Dr. Howard Duffield’s vision to brighten the sanctuary. On the church’s north side, the windows depict “literary elements in the Holy Scriptures.” The south side’s windows reflect the interests of the donors, presenting historical figures who influenced Protestantism.
Window Number 1
Designed by Maitland Armstrong, this window depicts Moses, representing the Law, and was donated by the Young People’s Society in honor of its founder, Algernon Sydney Sullivan.
Window Number 2
David, representing Sacred Psalms, was designed by Charles Lamb and donated by Mrs. Hersey in honor of her father, a church elder.
Window Number 3
This fine window by Tiffany shows Isaiah with the books of Prophesy, and was donated by Eugene McJimsey in honor of his ancestor, Elder John Keese.
Window Number 4
Thomas Greenleaf donated this window, designed by Charles Lamb, showing St. John the Evangelist, representing the Gospels, in honor of his father, Elder Joseph Greenleaf.
Window Number 5
The family of Elder Richard Harrison Ball donated this depiction of St. Paul, representing the Epistles, designed by Maitland Armstrong.
Window Number 6
This Tiffany window of the Garden of Gethsemane was donated by Mrs. Hodge, in honor of her husband, Colonel Hodge, a prominent worker in the University Place Church.
Window Number 7
Designed by Maitland Armstrong and donated by the church officers, this window is The Puritan, representing the English Protestant Reformation. This likeness was considered so faithful that it served as a prototype in the Century Dictionary.
Window Number 8
This Tiffany window of St. Columba, who brought Christianity to Scotland, was donated by Emily Moir in honor of her husband William, Church Treasurer.
Window Number 9
This Maitland Armstrong window of the Huguenots, represented by Admiral Coligny, was donated by Dr. Benjamin G. Demarest, in honor of the Admiral.
Window Number 10
Mrs. Hersey donated this Charles Lamb vision of The Reformation, represented by Martin Luther, in honor of her mother and brother.
Window Number 11
Reverend and Mrs. Franklin B. Dwight donated this Maitland Armstrong window depicting Peter Waldo, leader of a 12th century heretical group which was a forerunner to Protestantism, in honor of Elder James Lenox.